Site Terms and Conditions

By logging into or using SASeeding, the user hereby agrees and warrants:

  • That your login details will be used by the user alone.
  • That your login details will not be disclosed to any third party.

General security

  • SASeeding will do its best to offer you a secure and reliable service.
  • In turn, you agree not to compromise the security or tamper with any information, data, resources, accounts or records of any person on the website.

Using the website

By using the website, you agree to:

  • Follow generally acceptable Internet etiquette
  • Indemnify SASeeding free from any loss or damage of whatever nature caused as a result of using the website.
  • Follow all laws applicable to the intellectual property rights of all content and available services by accessing the SASeeding website.
  • Not resell any content or use SASeeding’s content for monetary gain, unless permitted by SASeeding in writing.
  • Not to copy any software, reproduce any part of any content or service or use any software and/or content in any work or publication.

You also agree that:

  • Your right to access the SASeeding website does not give you any rights on any intellectual property, content, trade marks, copyrights, registered designs, patents, domain names, know-how, trade secrets rights of SASeeding or any of our service/content providers.
  • SASeeding has the right to refuse anyone this service for any reason at any time.

SASeeding disclaims:

  • All liability as to the quality and or accuracy of any content or available service, or to the fitness for a particular purpose of any content or available service on the SASeeding website.


  • By using the site you indemnify SASeeding from liability for loss or damage of whatever nature and howsoever arising from your use of the SASeeding website and or any services, content or obligation in terms of these terms and conditions.
  • We expressly disclaim any and all implied warranties, including, without limitation, warranties of merchantability, accuracy of measurements, title, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, compatibility, events happening, products being sold for events, prices, security and accuracy.


  • Should the website user break any of the terms and conditions set out in this agreement, SASeeding can in its sole discretion make a decision to terminate this agreement and recover all and any costs related to such termination and or terminate, without notice, your access to the SASeeding website and or any SASeeding services you might be subscribed to.

Alteration To These Terms & Conditions

  • SASeeding reserves the right to amend or change these terms and conditions at any time.
  • The user will then be responsible for reviewing the new Terms & Conditions. Continued use of the website will warrant the acceptance of the new Terms & Conditions.

General Legal

  • This agreement constitutes the whole of the agreement between you and SASeeding in regard to the subject matter thereof, there are no other agreements, guarantees or representations, either verbal or in writing, in regard thereto upon which you are relying in concluding this agreement.

General Usage

  • SASeeding does its utmost to ensure that the content on the SASeeding website is accurate. However, we do not guarantee that the information on the website, any tools available on the website including calendars, software or content including event details, race results, seeding, series standings, top indexes or events used for these are correct Where data is found to be incorrect, SASeeding will correct this data as soon as possible.


  • SASeeding will allow you to:
    • Enter for certain events
    • Add participants to the events
    • Amend event details free of charge prior to receiving payment
    • Amend details of paid bookings at an administrative cost after payment was received (excluding adding new participants which does not incur any cost). When changing race details (for example Class or Distance), the more expensive race options will remain payable regardless of the newly selected option.
    • Substitute participants at an administrative cost after payment was received and at no cost prior to payment being received
    • Amend details of paid/unpaid bookings at a charge on the event day
    • Request a credit voucher for paid events where the event organiser allows this if you decide to not attend or are not able to attend the event for whatever reason or if your EFT payment did not reflect in our bank account within 2 days of making your booking and the event is full. An admin fee of R75 is applicable on all vouchers. There will be no refunds whatsoever apart from these vouchers. This voucher will:
      • Be non transferable (to other event organisers or people)
      • Be valid for 6 months of date of issue
      • Be valid for use on events organised by the same event organiser only
      • Be valid for a once off purchase only and will not be eligible to receive change if the entire voucher is not used
      • Only be available until 23:59:59 PM, three days before the day on which the event takes place. Vouchers can only be requested and issued online under “My Orders”. Online bookings generally close 3 days before any given event but could close up to 5 days prior to an event.
  • SASeeding allows the Event organiser to:
    • Open and close bookings at any time without notice
    • Change prices of products at any time without notice
  • All EFT payments for bookings need to reflect in our bank account with the correct reference within 48 hours of making the booking. All Credit Card payments for bookings need to reflect in our bank account within two hours of making the booking. Credit Card payments reflect in our bank account within minutes IF the payment was successful which is indicated by the system at the time of payment. If your payment does not reflect due to any reason whatsoever your booking is not guaranteed and you may lose your booking in which case you will be issued with a credit voucher once the funds reflect in our account. No refunds will be given under any circumstance.
  • A penalty of R150 will be charged for incorrect reference numbers being used for EFT payments. This penalty will be deducted from the money already paid to the account and will thus result in a further payment being required.

South African Law

  • These terms and conditions will be interpreted and used in conjunction with the laws of the Republic of South Africa, and your continual use of SASeeding will reflect your approval and compliance to the jurisdiction of South African courts.
  • The latter will be true regarding all applications, usage and proceedings as well as the misuse or any violation of these Terms and Conditions.

Last updated 02 Mar 2016